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Product Details:


Product Description


Sorbitan Monooleate is a compound that has captured a vital space in our everyday lives. This non iconic Surfactant and Emulsifier is widely used in cosmetics as a stabilizer and in food industry as a food additive. We have accurate composition of Sorbitan Monooleate SMO Top Grade with which we efficiently meet the requirement of diverse industrial segments such as Leather Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Bakery Food, Textile Auxiliaries, Emulsion Polymerization, PET Food, and others. We have derived this viscous, water soluble yellow liquid from vegetables. Our stock of Sorbitan Monooleate is offered in 200kg HDPE Drum that keep its quality for longer time period and allow the supply of bulk quantity.

The compound is used as surfactant in cosmetics and soaps. Many mouthwash companies used it as solubilize in their product. We provide both Sorbitan Monooleate SMO Top Grade matching the standards of food industry and cosmetic grade with little higher impurities. Food products like ice cream also find usage of Sorbitan Monooleate to make it smoother and well-handled. Further, pharmaceutical companies engaged in making aqueous formulations for parenteral admiration also use this compound as an emulsifier. It is completely a non-toxic compound and well-tolerated by human body.

Product Data:

  • Product : WCI-SMO-80-TOP
  • CAS No. : 1338-43-8
  • Origin : Vegetable


  • Appearance : Amber Viscous Oily Liquid
  • Form : Oily Liquid
  • Acid Value : 8 Max.
  • SAP Value : 145-160
  • Hydroxyl Value : 193-209 Max.
  • HLB Value : 4.3
  • Oleic Acid Cont. : 70% Min
  • Moisture : 2% Max.


  •   Agrochemical
  •   Leather Chemicals
  •   Textile Auxiliaries
  •   Cosmetics
  •   Pharmaceuticals
  •   Emulsion Polymerization
  •   Foaming Agent in Beverage Mixes
  •   Bakery Food
  •   Pet Food

Packing & Storage:

  •   200 Kg HDPE Drum
  •   The Material Should Store in Cool & Dry Place away from Sunlight.

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