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Coco DiethanolAmide (CDEA)

Coco DiethanolAmide (CDEA)

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Product : WCI‐CDEA
HS Code : 3402.1300
CAS No. : 68603‐42‐9
Appearance : Clear pale yellow viscous liquid
Amide : 90% Min.
Solubility: (10%in Distilled water) : Soluble
Ph (5% in Distilled water : 9.5‐10.5
Free Amine % : 18.0 Max.
Acid Value(MgKOH/gm) : 3.0 Max.
Cocodiethanolamide is based on 1:1 molar reaction of selected coco chain fatty
acid/ester with dietanolamine. It contains low concentration of unreacted
diethanolamine and practically no fatty acid soap. It has a high percentage of
amide and is predominantly nonionic in character. Thus due to its high amidecontent and purity it is classified as a “Superamide” as distinguished from the“Kritchevsky” type amine condensate.

Packing : 235 Kg HDPE Drum, 1000 Kg IBC, ISO Tank, Flexibag

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